Automotic Assembly Machine for perfume and cosmetic and aerosal

Why Us?

Aumotatic assembly machine

Kunshan Signum Machinery Technology Co., Limited, a leading manufacturer and exporter from china, provides wide range of automation assembly machinery for aerosal and cosmetic and auto industry from China. As a fast growing, well-recognized and ISO 9001:2000 certified China business company with global reputation, we are engaged in vividly diversified business includes dip tube fitting machine, leakage test machine, lotion pump assembly machine, mist spray pump assembly machine, trigger pump assembly machine, aerosal valve assembly machine,

The company is having strong hold in the domestic market of China and also exporting products to over 75 countries World wide. We have many reputed names in our clientele, both from the domestic as well as international market.

Our Experience !

Signum Machinery has long been engaged in supplying kinds of machinery in China, and exported to customers world wide. We have high reputation in our clientele, both domestic and international market.

With experieced technical staff and skilled worked for the production of assembly machine, as well selection of reputated brand electronic and electric parts, our machines are highly recognized by customers.We have adapted 5S enterprise management mode for strictly control the process of company operation

Having a team of experts who understand the automation industry inside out, you can be assured of getting the best machines and services at the most competitive price.