Rail Screw Spike


Rail screw spike, also called as Sleeper screw, rail screw or lag bolt is a large metal screw , with the dimension of length 6 inch or 152 mm and diameter slightly under 1 inch or 25 mm. It’s used to fix a tie plate or to directly fasten a rail. It’s screwed into a hole bored in the sleeper. The sleeper screw has a higher cost to manufacture than the rail spike, but it has the advantage of greater fixing power – approximately twice that of a rail spike, and can be used in combination with spring washers.

Technical Specification:

 Grade  4.6  5.6  8.8   10.9 
 Material  Q235  35#  45#   40Cr
 Tensile Strength  ≥400Mpa  ≥500Mpa   ≥800Mpa  ≥1000Mpa
 Yield Strength  ≥240Mpa  ≥300Mpa  ≥640Mpa  ≥900Mpa
 Elongation  ≥22%  ≥20%  ≥12%  ≥9%
 Cold Bending Test  90 Degree without Crack   90 Degree without Crack   90 Degree without Crack   90 Degree without Crack

 Types Grade  Material  Surface 
 V20-135, V23-115, V23-135, V23-155, V23-215, V26-115  4.6, 5.6, 8.8  Q235, 35#, 45#  Plain, Black, Phosphated, HDG, Zinc, Color Paint, or as per required.