Rail Clip

 E1809  E1813 E2001  E2009  E2055 
 SKL-1-tension-clamp  SKL-3-tension-clamp  SKL-12-tension-clamp  SKL-14-tension-clamp  
 SKL-1 SKL-3  SKL-12  SKL-14   
 PR-85-clip  PR309-clip  PR401-clip  PR-601A-clip  
 PR85 PR309A  PR401   PR601A  
 nabla-clip  Deenik clip  Gauge-lock-clip    
 Nabla  Deenik  Gauge Lock Clip    

A variety of different types of heavy-duty clips are used to fasten the rails to the underlying baseplate or Sleeper, one common being the E Type Rail Fastener , which is shaped like a stubby paperclip. Another one is the SKL Tension Clamp, which is also the most widely used type all over the world. Others like KPO and Nabala Clip, also used in different situations.

Technical Specifications:

3 millions cycles without breaking for Dia.18; 5 millions cycles without breaking for Dia.20. Surface Treatment: Plain (oiled), Oxide black, Color painting or according to customers’ requirement.

 Model  Diameter Weight   Material  Hardness
 E1809  Ø18  0.61kg  60Si2MnA  44-48HRC
 E1813  Ø18  0.62kg  60Si2MnA  44-48HRC
 E2001  Ø20  0.80kg  60Si2MnA  44-48HRC
 E2009  Ø20  0.80kg  60Si2MnA  44-48HRC
 E2055  Ø20  0.80kg  60Si2MnA  44-48HRC
 SKL-1  Ø13  0.49  60Si2CrA  42-47HRC
 SKL-3  Ø13  0.53  60Si2CrA  42-47HRC
 SKL-12  Ø13  0.53  60Si2CrA  42-47HRC
 SKL-14  Ø13  0.505  60Si2CrA  42-47HRC
 PR85  Ø13  0.25  60Si2CrA  42-47HRC
 PR309A  Ø20  0.85  60Si2CrA  42-47HRC
 PR401A  Ø20  0.97  60Si2CrA  42-47HRC
 PR601A  Ø20  1.03  60Si2CrA  42-47HRC