Water Filling Line

Main Product

main products

l  3,000-36,000BPH still purified water/ mineral water bottling line;

l  3,000-36,000BPH carbonated beverage bottling line;

l  3,000-36,000BPH tea/juice bottling line;

l  3,000-36,000BPH beer bottling line;

l  3,000-18,000cans/H cans bottling line;

l  100-, 2000barrels/H, 3-5galon bottling line;

l  1000~36000BPH Blow molding machine;

l  Water treatment system;  

l  Beverage preparation system;

l  Turn key projects


Quality Policy

Customers' needs and satisfaction are our unremitting pursuit and creation.

We has access to: Jiangsu Measurement Model Unit, Local Top 10 private enterprises, Jiangsu High-tech enterprise, excellent filling equipment supplier in China Beverage Association and so on. Meanwhile, it is also the domestic pioneer, who is obtains the CE certification of German Rheinland Co., Ltd.


Manufacture Facility and Quality Control

Manufacture Facility

manufacture facility
manufacture facility 2

l  Three numerical lathes and two processing center ensure the processing accuracy of spare parts.

l  One vertical lathe with 3.5m diameters – main big parts can be processed by us.

l  Numerical-controlled bending machine – to ensure the accuracy of complex parts and coherence of group production.

l  Fully-automatic numerical-controlled laser cutter – all precise and anomalistic shape board can be processed on.

l  Equipments for lathing, milling, planning, grinding, drilling, shearing, bending and welding can meet the requirements of all kinds of spare parts on beverage packaging machinery.

l  Large-model sand-spraying equipment – sand-spraying before painting carbon steel and welded parts in order to eliminate internal stress and increase coherence of paint.

l  Computer-aided manufacture ensures the efficiency and accuracy.

l  Adopting precise material analyzer and advanced forging equipment. Using world top bran MEEHANITE forging steel to manufacture spare parts that features stable structure and long usage life and can ensure the accuracy.


 Quality Control

1)         Equipment design standard: All the equipment is designed in accordance with relevant national standards, industry standards and enterprise standards, while a large number of digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology with reference to the

2)         The list of qualified suppliers: We consider strictly supply-side corporate reputation, comprehensive strength, professionalism and quality of products, strictly control access standards for suppliers, and the implementation of effective supervision. And we establish a detailed data of the suppliers.

3)         Product verification: Verify company’s products (raw materials, purchased parts) . Technical department is in charge of the technical condition while the quality department is in charge of the product qualification. We control the threshold of suppliers and hold the strict check to ensure the final product quality.

4)         Machine test regulation 

²  Single equipment test

Manual turning, turning is not less than three times the whole trip, no abnormal phenomenon of noise and jamming;

Empty load operation, the rated maximum speed of 8 hours continuous operation, no abnormal phenomenon;
load test, using provided caps and standard bottles for the load test,

Bearing temperature requirements during test: load test, the bearing temperature rise of not more than 40 , the highest temperature (including room temperature, the same below) shall not exceed 90 ; load test, the sliding bearing temperature rise shall not exceed 30 , The maximum temperature is not greater than 60 ; idle test, the temperature limit to reduction of 10 , the highest temperature is the same as load testing of the limits

²  Complete line test

Single equipment runs without abnormal condition and then the whole line run test is no less than 4 hours.

5)         Product packaging operations regulation: for the product packaging from materials to production, packing, labeling

6)         Sheet metal work, welding, painting regulation

Sheet metal work:  provision dimensional tolerances, the tolerances of the corresponding nominal size; provisions of short-form pieces of the difference between the two diagonal length, the length of long edge corresponding to the difference between the two diagonal; provisions of geometric tolerance , straightness, parallelism, length of most value;

Welding operations: provides general requirements, to provide current manual welding stainless steel, select the table, stainless steel welding for manual welding, welded structure specified tolerances and geometric tolerances, and provide inspection and test methods;

Paint job: requirements of the provisions of the surface before painting, painting, description of technical requirements, test methods.

7)         All deliver products is provided by quality inspection and factory inspection regulation.

8)         Establish complete warehouse management, product drawings and technical documents numbering, distribution requirements, change management


World Famous Components

l  Stainless Steel 316L / 304: China, Japan

Sumitomo Metal, Hitachi Cable, Furukawa Electric, KOBELCO, Bao Steel

l  Stainless Steel Pipeline: China, Japan

KOBELCO, Nippon Steel, Bao Steel

l  Pneumatic Component: Germany


l  Rubber: Germany, USA


l  Conveying Chain Component: USA


l  Motor and Speed Reducer


l  Stainless Steel Material Pump: England, Denmark


l  Lubrication System: USA


l  Flow Equipment: Sweden

Alfa Laval

l  Carbon Steel: China

Bao Steel

l  Electrical Component: Japan, Germany, USA, France

OMRON, SIEMENS, Honeywell, Setra, Schneider, TURCK


1.5 After-sale Service

Installation and commissioning

After the equipments arrives buyer's workshop, the buyer should place the equipment according to the layout; the seller sends the experienced technician to guide the installation and commissioning.


The seller supplies technical training to the buyer. The training includes: equipment structure and maintenance, control and operation. After training, the technicians of the buyer grasp relevant operation and maintenance skills, and could adjust the technologies more skilled, and can deal with the malfunction in time.

After-sale service

The seller gives one year guarantee; within guarantee period, the technicians who get the training should strictly obey the requirements asked by the seller; after the seller receives the emergency notice from the buyer, the seller should provide the reasonable support within 12 hours; if the situation can’t be solved through phone or written paper and also the problem is related to the equipment itself, the seller should arrange the visa application within 48 hours and send the people to the buyer’s place within 3 days after the visa approval.


2. Project Presentation

2.1 Basic Data

l  Project Name: PET Bottle Juice Filling Line

l  Capacity:10000BPH(500ml)

l  Bottle Volume: 500ml

l  Filling Product: Juice, Pure water   

l  Bottle Material: PET

l  Bottle Neck: Unconfirmed

l  Bottle Weight: Unconfirmed

l  Bottle Min. /max .Diameter:φ50-φ100mm(φ50φ100mm)

l  Bottle Min. /max. Height: 150-320mm

l  Cap Material: HDPE/PP ,Unconfirmed, With pre screw-thread 

l  Label: Sleeve and shrink labeler 

l  Packing Form: Film wrapper

l  Ambient Temperature:85-92

l  Humidity: No dew (≤95%)

l  Power supply: 380V±10%,50Hz±1%,AC three phase

2.2 Equipment Introduction

2.2.1Full-Automatic Rotary Type PET Bottle Blowing Molding Machine

Full-Automatic Rotary Type PET Bottle Blowing Molding Machine

Introduction & process

The full automatic rotary stretch blow molding machine is widely used for the blowing plastic container (including hot filling bottle), suitable for the product of water, carbonated beverage or cold bottles.

With the structure of multi-mold in one machine, can complete the actions of preform unscrambling, preform feeding, heating, feeding, stretch, blowing, cooling and bottle conveying etc full automatically. The main components on the machine are of international famous brand. The machine owns the advantage of high automation, reliable and stable operation and low power consumption.


Preform       Auto unscrambler    Full -Automatic Blow Molding Machine      PET bottle


pet bottle           Auto unscrambler                 Full -Automatic Blow Molding Machine                       PET bottle

Technical parameters




Specification of Bottle

Bottle Capacity


Max. Body Diameter


Max. Height of Bottle


Max. Diameter of Bottle Mouth


Max. Preform Height



Mould Cavity

10 Cavities


500ml bottle (hot filling bottle)


Rate of finished product


Cooling System

Water inlet temperature


Water inlet pressure


Flow Rate


Air Source

High pressure


Blowing air flux 



Low pressure


Blowing air flux 


Filtering grade




Dimension of Machine

L × W × H (Blowing)


L × W × H (Oven)

2800×1300 ×2230mm



Motor Power

Total Power


Main Motor



Machine structure

Automatic preform unscrambler

l Base taking, base feeding, bottle taking and bottle arranging fully are automatically completed with manipulator for avoiding middle pollution.

l The design of the recycling unit prevents the preforms from getting bound up in the unscrambler.

l The star wheel design of the feeding unit provides the lowest possible changeover times for switching to different perform sizes.


Linear heating oven:

l A mandrel capable of turning 180 degrees guarantees uniform neck section during the heating. A unique oven ventilation system enables the blowing system to handle various difficult applications easily.

l Water cooling plate: cooling bottle neck, avoid neck deformation during heating.

l Infrared heat lamps:

Each lamp is individually adjustable;

Lamp gripper is adjustable as angle changes;

Lamp rod is adjustable in length, which is good for bottom heating;


Advantage of rotary automatic stretch-blow molding machine

l With SIMENS PLC controlling system to ensure high precision and fast speed;

l High eligible rate: above 99.7%;

l Molds and Mold Carriers

The mold carrier with a shell blow mold design; this reduces the changeover time for different blow molds. The Mold carriers accommodate all shell type molds from conventional blow molding machines, this saves time and expense for bottle producer. Moreover, the reliable quick locking system maximizes the performance of the mold carriers.

l Blowing Station

A changeable cam for the stretching curve guider guarantees the form quality for different bottle size. Monobloc blowing valves achieve the fastest and most consistent blowing process possible. Bottle necks are protected during blowing stage by a specially designed sealing unit.


Main composition 

Main parts



PLC system 


From Germany



From Sweden

Touch Screen


From Germany

Main motor



Pneumatic part


From Germany

Power Adjustor

Carlo Gavazzi

From Switzerland


Carlo Gavazzi

From Switzerland

Blow valve

Eugen Seitz

From Switzerland

Gas & liquid seal ring

Trelleborg Quad-ring

From USA

Button & Switch




2.2.2 Full Automatic Linear Type Blow Molding Machine

Full Automatic Linear Type Blow Molding Machine

General Introduction

The full automatic blow molding machine are developed and researched by us on the basis of absorbing foreign advanced technology and aiming at the trend of high speed and high capacity, which can be used for the blowing of PET bottles. The machine is featured with reasonable structure, less power and air consumption, stable running, etc., which meets relevant national food sanitation requirements and shows the leading status domestically.


Characteristics of the Equipment

l  PLC touch-screen control. Production speed, shift capacity, malfunction classification, interface adjustment and so on can be display on the screen in different menu, which features friendly man-machine interface, easy operation and maintenance.

l  Special twice-blowing system ensures the stable forming quality of bottles.

l  The heater adopts the infrared temperature controlling by seven sections and digital automatic stable pressure temperature adjustment system.

l  Set technical parameters such as heating temperature, blowing time, etc. according to different preforms and bottle shapes.

l  Configured with full automatic preform unscrambler and lifter.

pet oven

Main Configuration




Electrical/Control components

Circuit Breaker



Miniature Relay









Photoelectric Sensor



Magnetic Sensor



Touch screen






Power switch



Positioning module



Servo motor



Servo amplifier



Heating module




Prime blowing valves



Second blowing



Exhaust valves



Action valves









Stretch cylinder



Spotting cylinder



Bed die moving cylinder



Mould Clamping moving cylinder



Preform promoting positional cylinder



Preform pressing cylinder



Preform promoting manipulator cylinder



Preform promoting manipulator moving cylinder



Preform promoting manipulator rotary cylinder



Seal cylinder

joint venture


Mechanical parts

Servo motor reducer






Linear Guides




Technology Data





Number of Cavities


Warm System

Heating Unit


No. of Heating Lamp


Electric System





Service Power


Total Power


Air System

Operating Pressure


Air Consumption


Blowing Pressure


Air Consuming


Cooling Water

Operating Pressure


Flow Rate






Main Machine(L×W×H)


Preform Loading Machine(L×W×H)



Bottle Mouth


Container Max. Diameter


Container Max. Height


Container Volume




Hot fill bottle


1. Due to continuous technical development, specification would be improved without prior notice.

2. Special design is corresponded to special need from customers.


2.2.3 Air Conveyor

General description

Air conveyor is fixed on the floor, with fan installed on the top. Air filter is positioned at every entrance of air fan, to prevent dust blown into bottles. Bottles are held on the neck in the conveyor and transported into filling machine by blowing power. All are made of stainless steel SUS304, except the horses with plastic and nylon.


Technical parameters

l  Model of fan: FS-00

l  Quantities of fans: one in every 6 meters

l  Power of fan: 2.2KW/Unit


2.2.4 Automatic Cap Loading Machine       

General description

The product is studied by our company after year’s production experience on the bases in absorbing similar foreign products. It is mainly used for transportation cap from the lower to the higher position within the hopper of cap screwing machine, it is an auxiliary equipment of the cap screwing machine.


Technical parameters

l  Applicable cap: plastic cap.

l  Production capacity: 15000 pcs / hour

l  Power: 0.37 kw

l  Appearance dimension: 2000×800×3300mm (L×W×H)


2.2.5 Rinsing-Filling-Capping Machine

Main features


This machine adopts rotary washing method, mainly used for water new bottle rinsing purpose, and then sent the bottles to filling part.

PET bottles enter the machine by distributing bottle star wheel, and making the bottle mouth adown with clamp pincers and overturning device by grip the bottles mouth. After sanitary water rinse and drain, automatically turn to the bottle up, bottle after a star wheel conveyor to the filling machine. Mainly parts of equipment structure, washing media material, external protect frame are high-quality stainless steel, open-gear transmission.

Into-water pipes has pressure meter. Washing machine has water defrosting tray for recycling washing water. Washing water capacity per bottle is 105ml/s(0.25Mpa hour)


This part is mainly used for filling water after finishing bottle rinse.

Filling machine is introduced by Germany technology, use normal pressure fill principle to design and produce.

It adopt normal pressure mechanism valve, make filling with high speed and high precision of liquid level. Double leading bars elevator structure to make the bottle up and stability.

The main drive transmission adopts gear transmission that is opening combination drive, with high efficiency, low noise, long life, easy maintenance, full lubrication, use of transducer control the main drive motor speed, this machine is non degree conversion frequency speed control.

Bottle guiding system, the structure is simple, it can quick and easy change according to different bottle volume, this whole machine transported by clipping bottle neck method.

PLC controlled by itself, fault display online, e.g. bottle block or non-cap etc.

In filling tank the product material control itself, the liquid level height adopt liquid level sensor to test, make sure stability liquid level and reliable filling.

This machine main spare parts and electricity component is import product.


This part is mainly use the cap that ordering in cap elevator and capping on the finished fill bottle, and then deliver to the followed procedure.

Capping machine through reducer drive back to the wheel rotation, make the cap under the action of the centrifugal force away from the hopper. It has up or down cap separating device at the exit, when the wrong side cap passes, it will automatically fall into the return pipe and blown into the hopper by wind power. Only right cap can be successfully come into the slide, the cap amount in hopper automatic detection by optical switch to control the cap transmission machine, to ensure the best results under the cap. When the right cap into slide path, it will immediately enter cap feeder to prevent accidents. At the same time it has an prevent anti -cap dial to ensure that the cap plate into the feed cap is correct. In slide has also a pair of photoelectric switch, when detected no cap, it will immediately stop the machine operation. In order to effectively eliminate the bad cap without anti-theft ring and the residual cap in hopper when cleaning, in hopper exit toward an activity exit can meet this function.

Technical parameters

l  Capacity                    10,000-12,000BPH (500ml)

l  Washing heads                 32

l  Washing time                 2-2.5 s

l  Filling valve heads               32

l  Filling valve flow speed          140-160ml/s

l  Capping heads                 10

l  Apply to bottle:                D=50-100mm, H=150-320mm

l  Capping moment              0.6-2.8Nm

l  Power                       2.38KW

l  Compress air consumption      0. 5 Nm3/min (0.6Mpa hour)

l  Water consumption            Rinsing bottle need 1.5m3/h (0.2-0.25Mpa)

l  Overall dimension                4000×2450×2850mm

l  Weight                        7 T

Main composition




Mitsubishi, Siemens

Touch screen

Mitsubishi, Siemens, PROFACE

Frequency converter

Mitsubishi, Siemens, Danfoss

Air switch






Photoelectric switch

Omron, Keyence, P+F

Approach switch


Main bearing


Lubrication bearing




Pneumatic components



2.2.6 Bottle Tilting Chain

General description:

The equipment is developed to match the hot filling beverage producing line, It made product to  inclined, using the product’s itself temperature to sterilize the cap for second time, and soft the air -proof washer of caps, to tighten the closely between the bottle and cap. Sterilization time is 32-38sec. After sterilization, the conveyor will make the bottle stand automatically. In the whole process we use two vertical bars for direction, and have bottle inclined, continue the sterilization time and stand automatically. The whole process is stable.


Main features:

l  Main engine is adopted variable speed by micro control system. it is easily to set the producing speed.

l  The whole body is stainless steel (SUS304), clean and sanitary outlook.

l  Special device can be set to fulfill the track vibration in the process of bottle forwarding, and material in the bottle interchange the heat.

l  Conveyor system is using the macromolecule material, join the heat-endurable board and stainless steel fringe, the platform is flat and little abrasion

l  Wide fringe board is equipped with the heat-endurable rubber washer to ensure the gap in the whole process, ensure the stable forwarding of the bottle.


2.2.7 Bottle Conveying & Buffering System

General description

Filled bottle conveyor line is composed by a number of conveyor units, which can be connected in accordance with the actual requirements. It mainly contains a basic transport unit, no-pressure transmission unit, bottle deposit station, etc. The conveyor plays transport and storage functions in the whole production line, so that the containers could convey between the various single machine in the filling production line.

For different containers, different chain plate materials are selected. For PET bottles adopt plastic-steel chain plates and for glass bottles or cans use stainless steel chain plate


Main features

l  Modularized unit design contains many features, such as diversification, simplicity, strong interchangeable parts, easy installation and maintenance, etc. According to different requirements, production capacity and varieties of boxes, modularized unit design could supply different conveying ways, modular unit, electrical motor, control mode. So it is very flexible.

l  The installation of bottle conveyor guardrail is according to calculation requirements; At curve and lane changing place, the variation of each bottle-belt speed calculate by experiment and theory(increase or decrease geometric progressively);Add ing synchronous control between conveying belt and engine, make bottles in good condition in the conveying: non-falling, non-block, non-jam.

l  Electrical control of the case conveying system is advanced and reasonable: In order to prevent bottle squeezing, bottle explosion in the bottle transportation, especially in high speed line, bottle belt control adopts both interlocking and simple control.

l  Control components have proximity switch, photoelectric tube and so on.

l  Control methods are multifarious. In order to achieve steady conveying, we can select practicable control method according the design requirements of plane layout.

l  Bottle conveying belt motor adopts direct connection between motor and bottle belt capstan instead of traditional chain sprocket drive, compact in structure, low noise.

l  Adopts centralized and manual lubrication methods, time-saving, labor-saving.


2.2.8 Ink Jet Printer

l  Double lines spray printing >2M/s           

l  Double lines font height: 2-15mm

l  Close type keyboard, anti corrosion   

l  Display of liquid crystal

l  Dimension: 44.5×62.2×17.8CM

l  Sprayer: dia. 3.8CM   length 6.2CM

l  Sprayer cable, reach a length of 3M

l  Ink: VIDEOJET different kinds of inks for choose

l  The consumption of diluent: It can be used for over 100hours per bottle.

l  Packing manner: the capacity of ink, diluents and abluent is 0.95L/bottle.

l  operation temperature:543  moisture:1090%RH

l  power source: AC180250VAC 

l  Max. power consumption 30W.

l  Weight: N.W. :29.51KG    G.W.:36.32KG


2.2.9 Light Inspection Unit

General description

Light inspection box is covered with stainless steel, with appropriate and comfortable light of national sanitary standard, which can inspect clearly the impurity, defaults and grains.


Technical parameters

l  Power of light pipe: 20W

l  Number of light pipe: 2


2.2.10 Shower Cooling Tunnel

General description

The machine is special equipment studied for hot filling production line according to technological features of the hot filling line. T he machine takes room temperature water as cooling medium through spraying system, rapidly and equably cooling the products from high temperature to room temperature after filling, that prevents the adverse changes of the product at high temperature, and it’s conducive to maintaining the flavor of the product itself, also for the after packaging work.


Main features

l  Frame: 304 stainless steel of the body, stainless steel adjustable foot stand.

l  Conveyor chain plate: polymer materials heat proof chain net and chain wheel.

l  Spraying system: sanitary water pump & valve, 304 stainless steel pipeline, 304 stainless steel nozzles, hot water recycling system.

l  Spraying system increases ice water cooling system, to make the bottle temperature of 30-40℃ when outlet.

l  Control system: sealed type electric cabinet, 304 stainless steel material.

Technical parameter:



Entrance temperature


Exit temperature


Spraying Time

About 15mins

Overall dimension (L/W/H)

8170×2020×1800 (mm)

Equipped capacity


Main power

AC 3-380V/50HZ



Bottle height size


Bottle type size

Round bottle dia.≤Φ110mm

Remark: the chiller will be purchased by the buyer


2.2.11 Automatic Sleeve &Shrink Machine

Main features

The whole machine adopts stainless steel and high-quality aluminum alloy production; it's well-structured, compact and easy to adjust;

l  It can be easily moved, flexible space with the production without anchor bolts.

l  Rack shrink film label, with adjustable brake, and could adjust paper tube according to label 5 "~ 10”.

l  It can be used to bottle and round bottles after simple installation.

l  Transmission machinery can be easily adjusted for different bottle types without tools.

l  Unique sleeve label method, adopts compression-type sleeve label method, it’s convenient and reasonable.

l  Automatic feed motors; leveling materials shrink film tension adjustment at the same time.

l  Cut label detection system to ensure minimum error.

l  Unique design of the blade is free to change tool apron in the scope of the specifications, and the speed is fast and convenient.

l  Center column clamping system, change quickly without any tools.

l  Label positioning device, can adjust the position of synchronous movements according to the demand for container shapes.

l  Sub-bottle-screw, positioning belts, conveyor chains adopt synchronous mode, the speed adjustment is simple and fast.

l  Adopts Japanese servo motor and high-sensitivity photoelectric, standard length of precision-cut.

l  Stainless steel electric control cabinet adopts Japanese Mitsubishi PLC.

l  Adopts advanced Man-machine interface technology of automatic control; key electrical components are supplied by renowned international manufacturers.


Technical parameters





Label specification


Bottle dia.


Labeling length


Label thickness


Label material




Overall dimension



About 650KG


2.2.12 OPP Hot Glue Labeling Machine

Main features

l  Adopting full round labeling manner, the label can be cut, adsorbed, glued and labeled automatically.

l  It is use PLC step-less speed control system, which can adjust the speed as the bottle in-fed to make system synchronous.

l  Bottle in-fed by the star wheel to ensure high speed working stability.

l  The drive system is controlled by main motor controller and frequency conversion.

l  The label is tracked and cut by the servo technology, which working with special designed high speed vacuum drum, the labeling performance can be precise and stable.

l  Electric type labeling emendation system, which can ensure the cut precision to be ±0.5mm.

l  It is equipped with safety system. If there is any bottle block, the drive system will stop automatic.

l  The labeling area can be adjusted up and down as need.

l  Glue temperature no reach to the set parameter, the whole system don’t work.

l  No label, no working.

l  No labeling on the bottle, the whole system will alarm and stop automatic.

l  Label leaking and no inspection space will make the machine alarm automatic.

l  Label not enough will make machine alarm automatic.

l  Malfunction will alarm.

l  Central lubricating system is easy and clean for machine.

l  Easy installation and connection with other machine in filling line.


Mechanical part

l  With necessary numbers of upper chucks and bottle platform

l  Belt drive system, with following major sections: Out of registration correction system

l  Integrated cutting and vacuum drum system

l  Double label reel unroll stand with tension control

l  Centralized ergonomic operation controls

l  Safety clutches fitted to infeed and discharge star wheels

l  Straight through conveyor system including infeed screw and flow-wheel

l  High volume vacuum pump

l  High performance hot melt glue roller applicator

l  Central lubrication system

l  Fully welded box section frame with stainless steel cladding

l  Stainless steel side panels


Electrical part

l  Siemens PLC, or equivalent

l  Servo drive motor/and related controllers, with Major Motor from SEWor equal   

l  Fault finding message text display

l  Machine speed indicator

l  Production counter

l  Low reel alarm

l  Broken label web detector with alarm

l  Integrated electrical cabinet

l  Fully automatic operation

l  Electrical supply to suit customer requirements


Technical parameters


3100mm*2600mm*2500mm (L*W*H)


About 5500KG

Applicable bottle:

Vertical column bottle

Bottle material

PET, glass, metal

Bottle diameter


Bottle height


Label height


Label material

OPP, BOPP, complex film, paper(roll-fed)

Inner diameter of roll





9KW, AC 3φ 380V/60HZ


2.2.13 Film Shrink Wrapper

Main features

This shrink wrapper is suitable for packaging of beverage, water and beer and composed of bottle sorter, sealer, shrinker and stretching stand.

l  Wrap form: 3×5, 4×6, 3×4, 2×3, etc.

l  Easy operation, wide usage scope and convenient pack form change

l  Smooth shrink surface

l  Heat oven is good at heat preservation. After 2-shift production, outer wall temperature is lower than 50

l  Infrared hot air oven control precision is within ±30

l  Blade adopts instant heating

l  Stepless speed adjusting

l  Low noise and less land occupation

l  Touch screen control with Man-machine interface


Technical parameters

l  Capacity: 25packs/min

l  Pneumatic pressure: 0.6-0.8Mpa

l  Electric current: three phrase 380V

l  Conveyor width:550mm

l  Power: 15KW

l  Tunnel dimension: 1800×650×450mm

l  Pack dimension: 600×400x350mm

l  Machine dimension:5550×3200×2100mm


2.2.14 Full Automatic Palletizer

The picture is just for reference, please subject to the actual machine if there is any amendment.

Palletizer is to put cartons to the pallet in a certain arrangement, to palletize automatically, the pallet could be multilayer, and then push off, easy for fork truck to transport to warehouse. The equipment uses PLC+ touch screen to control, intelligentialize operation management, simple and easy to grasp. The equipment is suitable used for: corrugated carton, plastic carton, barrel type packing, bag type packing.

l  Uses touch screen operation to achieve man-machine conversation, could display production speed, fault cause and position, high automation. Uses PLC to control pallet layers of cartons, pallet supply and discharge.

l  Uses Japanese CMC company produced chain, with good antifraying, high precision, stable conveyor features etc.

l  Uses Germany FESTO or Korea TPC, Japanese SMC produced pneumatic components and cylinder, with reliable quality and performance.

l  Safety door, shield are all equipped with electric sensor devices, when shield door is opened, the machine will shut down, and protects operators.

l  Convenient and simple adjsust of pallet type, could be operated on the touch screen. Stable and high efficient pallet, and saves a lot of labour force.

l  Carton supply system uses brake motor control, to make sure pre-set position to convey bottles.

l  Big capacity of pallet storeroom, could store 12-15pcs empty pallet, and automatic pallet supply.

l  Motor, reducer are all used Germany Nord company products.



380V  50/60HZ  3.5KW

Suitable for pallet


Pallet speed


Pallet height


Machine size