Horizontal Packaging Machine

Horizontal Packaging Machine

1, packaging materials composite film 

2, mixed materials packaging products 

3, the production rate of 40-60 bags / min 

Actual product packaging speed is determined by things like packaging products, packaging and packaging measurement precision measurement requirements. 

4, packing accuracy within ± 1.5%

The main parameters of the device:

180 Horizontal - Form - Fill - Seal Packaging Machine 
1) 3-side/4-side sachet packaging Machine 

180 Horizontal - Form - Fill - Seal Packaging Machine  

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a) High quality standard for the packing design with minimum material waste.

b) Perfect package appearance

c) Easy machine adjustment for change over

d) Sensible safety device and no pollution during production

e) Special design to meets your special needs

f)  Convenient Product upgrade

g) High Safety Standard for your products

h) User Friendly working environment

i)   Quick, exact and sanitary package for any product



a) Automatic film unwind system

b) Film reel auto-alignment shaft

c) Film guide

d) Horizontal sealing units

e) Vertical sealing unit

f)  Independent bag former

g) Scissors cutting set

h) Vacuum opening device

i)  PLC control system

j)  LCD touch-control operation system

k) Product outlet tray

l)  Operation manual in English

j)  Jog Operation Function

k) Emergency Stop Button


Technical Parameter:

Single Sachet Size 60mm (W) x80mm (L) ~ 180mm (W)×220mm (L) 
Max. Volume 360ml  
Max. Speed  70ppm  
Accuracy  <±1.0%
Electricity Consumption 5KW
Air Consumption 0.1m3/min
Machine Size (L×W×H) 3500mm×970mm×1470mm
Weight 1000Kg



1) Max. Volume:Estimate volume size, actual volume depends on actual material

2) Max. speed:Speed calculation is based on empty sachet without filling, filling may cause speed variation

3) Accuracy:Depend on the machine speed, filling volume and product  characteristic.

4) Machine Size:Estimated dimension without any accessory add on

5) Weight:Estimated weight without dosing or other accessory device(s)

horizontal packaging machine with multihead weigher