Chocolate Dripping Line


To drip button and chip chocolate. One dripping head with jacket hopper and cooling tunnel installed. It is necessary to replace the distribution board as different production required.

Basic Configurations
PLC touch controll
Schneider brand key electric components
compact composition
simple operation
convenient maintenance
high reliable and good stable performance

sus cover
one set of dripping system
one set of distribution board
cooling tunnel with Copel chiller system
one set of hopper to holding chocolate before filling
inverter control
food grade belt
assistant discharger

Main specifications:
Conveyer belt width: 600~1200mm(selective)
Conveyer belt speed: 13r/min
Cooling channel working temperature: 0~10℃
Pour inerval time: 3.5~20s(changable)
Refrigerating capacity: 16970w/h×2(evaporating)
Temperature: -5℃,condensating temperature 30℃
Supplementary total powper: 45.2kw
Compressed air volume: 0.6m3/min
External dimensions: 16000×1600×1750mm