Chocolate Bean Forming Machine

chocolate bean forming machine

This chocolate bean forming machine is designed to make chocolate bean with ball shape,ellipsoidal shape by replacement of the moulds.

Basic Configurations:
PLC touch controll;   Schneider brand key electric components;   compact composition;
simple operation;   convenient maintenance;   high reliable and good stable performance:
sus cover;   forming rollers with refrigrating water cooling recycle system
cooling tunnel;    inlet and outlet device;   inverter control

Main specifications:
Production ability: 100~150kg/h
Roller rotational speed: 0.3〜1.5r/min
Cooling roller surface temperature: about-20℃
Cooling channel temperature: 0〜5℃
Cooling time: 18〜30min
Refrigerating capacity of cooling liquid box: 8260w/h
Evaporating temperature: -35℃,condensating
Temperature: 30℃
Total powper: 25kw
External dimensions: 8620×1040×1840mm
Overall weight: 2500kg