Air Puffed Rice Machine

Air Puffed Rice Machine, also known as aeropuffed rice machine.

Air_Puffed_Rice_ Machine

Technical parameters:

 Model Power  Weight  Voltage  Time  Primary Energy   Capacity Dimensions  Applicable Products 
SGM-QPB  400w  100KG  220 or 380V  4 to 5 minutes / time  Gas, coal  20-45kg / h  138 * 70 * 48CM  Rice, wheat and corn and buckwheat
SGM-QPC  750w  480KG  220 or 380V  6 to 7 minutes / time  Gas, coal  50kg / h  170 * 125 * 80CM  Rice, wheat and corn and buckwheat

Product description:

SGM-QPC standard multifunction air flow puffing machine is the introduction of similar products at home and abroad on the basis through continuous digestion and absorption of the successful experience of others , and through the unremitting efforts of all staff , continuous improvement, a large multi-purpose improved molding airflow puffed food machinery . working principle is material in the case of high-temperature heating unit volume by the material in the water becoming vapor , resulting in pressure, the material reaches a certain pressure ( the pressure of different materials which puffed different ) , then instantaneous release , puffing from. It has the following six salient features and technical advantages :

1 yield : conventional extruder is four to five times , each puffed corn coffee 13 pounds, 15 pounds of wheat every puffed rice puffed 16 pounds each time .

(2) Energy conservation : Expanded the same amount of material smaller than a third of the extruder to save energy .

(3) Safety and reliability: equipped with safety valves , guard out there , Guankou fitted with gaskets, up to a certain pressure , automatic unloading gas. Before and after the tank is equipped with release valve , you can manually discouraged , use absolute security.