Food and Beverage Assembly Machine

Food and Beverage Assembly Products

Our cap closing machine, out-mold matrix style cap closing machine, cap folding machine, cap assembling machine, cap lining machine are specially designed for large scale cap production in food and beverage packaging industry, which gives an excellent solution to cap makers. All the cap machines can be equipped with visual inspection system.

These automatic assembling equipment run successfully for many years in factories famous multinational companies in China, helping our users to improve the production efficiency, reduce production costs, ensure the product quality and reliability, improve the market competitiveness.

Whole set of automatic assembly line for beverage closures “screaming” are designed and developed by core members of Signum, from cap automatic closing to cap automatic lining.

Our automatic cap closing machine runs in continuous motion, there for the speed can reach 300pcs/min.

For big size caps or caps which are difficult to be orientated by parts feeders, or scratch on caps need strictly controlled , we could provide customers with another cap closing solution- out-mold matrix style cap closing system. Cap closing rate will match the capacity of injection molding.

The most part of closures for food and beverage packaging are with anti-theft ring. Some ring are injection molded but need to be fold. We invented unique cap folding tools which is advanced in the world (Cap Folding System) to ensure the ring will be fold 100%, speed up to 300 pieces per minute.

Our cap automatic assembling machine could be designed in index motion or continuous motion according to cap’s structure or customers requirement. Cap assembling machine are specially for large scale production of composed caps, such as silicon valve sports cap, push-pull sports cap, machine speed could reach 300pcs/min.

Our cap liner automatically cutting & assembling machine, is used to cut roll style liner into the shape of pure round, round with three jaw, round with a claw, then will be put into caps automatically. Our 6 channel lining machine can reach the speed of 800 pcs/min, which is fastest among domestic suppliers. According to customer requirements we can provide single channel/dual channel/channel, and 6 channel machines.

Cap closing machine

Cap closing machine Contionuous motion: 300pcs/min
Cap closing array system out mold

Cap closing array system out mold 
Capacity: follow the mold output
Beverage cap folding and assembling machine

Beverage cap folding and assembling machine
Continuous motion:  300pcs/min
Parts: cap->folding + silicon valve + spout + valve holder
Beverage cap  assembling machine

Beverage cap  assembling machine
Continuous motion: 300pcs/min
Parts: cap+ silicon valve + valve holder 
cap lining machine

Cap lining machine
Index motion: 280pcs/min
Parts: rolled liner->cutting+cap
Cap lining machine 2

Cap lining machine
Contionuous motion + Index moton     800pcs/min
Parts: rolled liner -->cutting + cap